The pyramid, the dome and the place of archangel Gabriel

• You can feel the presence of the Divine in this place. When you enter the dome, consider the aims of your visit, say them out in your mind, meditate and pray sincerely. Be sure you will get your answers.
• The dome is geodesic. This building strengthens the energy effect of the pyramid and protects visitors from bad weather conditions.
• The triangular pyramid is located inside the dome. It concentrates subtle divine energy and conveys it to the visitors of this place. If you are seeking for better health condition and spiritual harmony, spend 20 – 30 minutes here. Stay by every side of the pyramid inside of the dome first. Think about your personal needs, ask for divine help and protection, pray and meditate. Then walk into the pyramid with joy and gratitude and spend some more time there. Your will experience the state of internal stability, positive changes of spiritual and physical nature will persist.
• There is a small table in the middle of the pyramid. You will find seven wooden cups with bread on the table. By consuming the bread you will feel even closer to God. It helps to renew and enhance the connection with the Divine Father – the source of truth, love and light, – therefore you will grow faster in your spiritual journey.
• There are two unique white crosses in the middle of the pyramid. They act as the channel of subtle energy and information. When you will be standing near the lower cross, you may have a feeling of intense elevation. Your positive thoughts, intentions and wishes will be heard and answered certainly.
• In the Angel’s place you will see the sculpture of the Angel – the symbol of divine knowledge carrier and protector. The messenger of God will help to purify your feelings, thoughts and words. Appeal to God and you will get a clear answer. There won’t be place for hesitation. The thoughts and words will be embodied. Likewise the body will be transformed to the Living Word. The Divine presence and protection will guide you every day.
For more information about the objects and history of this place you can find in notice board beside three crosses or in this website.

How to meditate inside the dome and pyramid

  • Enter the area through the gates of knowledge. Spend some time by the three crosses. Stay for a while beside the knoll of Revelation. Visit the place of gratitude – the shelter of the crosses. Calm down, meditate upon the purpose of your visit.
  • Please keep silence inside of the dome. Do not disturb others by talking or irreverent behavior. Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode. For filming or taking pictures of people inside of the building you must get their permission.
  • Spend 20 – 30 minutes inside of the dome. Open your heart to God while you pray or meditate. If you seek spiritual experiences or any type of healing, come back to this place more than once.
  • When you enter the dome, do not go into the pyramid immediately. Stay by the first side for a while. Pray and worship the Divine. Devote all your time to prayer and meditation here.
  • Go to the second side of the pyramid. Think about what’s important in your life right now: your physical health, mental state, relationships, success, etc… Formulate your intentions and say them out in your mind. Spend the rest of the time in peace and pray.
  • Go to the third side of the pyramid. Pray for spiritual help and guidance here. First, seek for spiritual purification, self-harmony, more divine love and light in your life, spiritual growth and grace of God.
  • After meditation by the third side of the pyramid walk into the middle of it. Dedicate all your time in the pyramid for prayer – meditation and gratitude. Spend a few minutes in the first (white – purple) circle. Step into the second (green – yellow) circle and stay there for a couple of minutes. Then step into the third (red) circle – just beside the table, located in the center of the pyramid. You can take a few pieces of bread from one of the wooden cups. After staying for a few minutes here, you can leave the pyramid without haste. Spend some more time inside of the dome.
  • After your visit you can take some energized water from this place. You can drink it or use it externally to keep your energy levels high as well as for healing purposes. You can pour some water in the place of the Angel.