Welcome to the healing Pyramid of Merkine in Lithuania!

This website is about the unique place, which is located nearby Merkinė, in the district of Varena, Lithuania. The complex of the pyramid, dome and crosses was established in the area since 2002. Every year it attracts thousands of visitors, who come for the purpose of healing and spiritual experience.
In this webpage you will be introduced to the history of the complex. You’ll be informed about the purpose and functions of the objects in the area. Also we’ll be glad to share the feedback from our visitors about the changes in their life after the visit to the pyramid.
For those of you, who want to visit the place, we will help to set the route and provide the contact information for inquiry. Also here you will find recommendations how to meditate inside the dome and the pyramid for the best long-term results. If there are no possibilities to visit this place physically, we’ll recommend performing visualizations with the help of photos and videos (take a look at our photo gallery). It’s known to be effective as well.
We wish you a fulfilling visit to the pyramid of Merkinė!