Upon arrival to our homestead you will see three crosses. They act like a gate leading towards the dome and pyramid. It is recommended to spend at least a few minutes in the area around the crosses. This area has a cleansing effect. During meditation in the area you should let go your negative emotions and thoughts: just “ground” them to the Earth. After you set yourself free from internal negatives, you should advance further – toward the dome and the pyramid.

On your way you will find a small knoll. It was erected to remind about the event of a great importance, which took place in August 20th, 1990 (you can find more information about it in the section “The story in brief” or in the book “The word that enlightens the World”). This spot is favorite among people with a particularly sensitive nature. Often they come to meditate together with their spiritual associates here. They spend some time standing (usually barefooted) or sitting on the lawn. After the practice in this spot meditators unanimously claim that they experienced the energy flow of extreme strength and transparency. Sometimes the experience of the visitors by the knoll is even stronger than the one inside the dome or pyramid! That’s why I invite every guest of the homestead to stay here at least for awhile before going further.

Let’s move on. You will see a geodesic dome in front of you. It is 12.5 meters in height, made from the aluminum frame, coved in shatterproof glass. The dome is a protective structure. It helps the visitors to shelter from various harsh conditions of Nature (storms, intense rain, snow and ice, etc.). However the most important function of the dome is to concentrate and stabilize the field of subtle energies. The dome interacts with the pyramid and produces a harmonic space. Therefore people, who meditate inside this complex, can regain long-term spiritual balance as well as to improve their physical condition. In addition, the dome has a special acoustics (the fact is acknowledged by renowned Lithuanian and foreign performers). That’s why this place is popular among soloists and choirs. We invite you to share your talent with the other visitors as well. You can sing, chant or play your instrument in the dome for the glory of God. Also during meditation inside the dome on a sunny day you will notice that hundreds of triangles (the basic element of this kind of dome) reflect the light in many different directions and color tones. And at night you can see many tiny “stars” in the vault of the dome. They are the reflections of only a few candles which are lit inside the dome. It’s obvious that even tourists are impressed by an extraordinary experience and impelled to perform a personal spiritual practice inside the dome.

There is a triangular pyramid inside the dome. It is a three-sided aluminum frame structure. There are two crosses in the pyramid. They perform an important function in the formation of the energy flow. The base of the pyramid is an equilateral triangle with three concentric circles inside it. The outer circle is white and violet, the middle circle is green and yellow, the central circle is red with a white symbol of the “Heart” in the centre of the pyramid. People who come here with truly serious intentions should spend some time outside the pyramid first of all. There are three sites at every side of the pyramid where you can stand or have a seat on a wooden chair. Only then the visitors should enter the pyramid. This particular order of meditation reveals the most essential characteristics of the pyramid, empowers a person to express his personal intensions in an appropriate manner asking for the help of God and determines the best conditions for an instant response from Above. Before or even after your meditation inside the dome and pyramid, you are invited to visit the wooden house nearby. The founders of the Complex live here. However the doors are always open to our dear visitors, who want to share their experiences or ask any questions. Also we’ll be glad to share with you our suggestions, spiritual knowledge, helpful tips, etc. And of course we will provide to you an unconditional support in the face of various challenges and offer an intercession of prayer for your welfare.