This place of spiritual knowing and healing was founded by Povilas Žėkas with the help and support of like-minded people. Here, at the age of seven, Povilas experienced a miracle that left a deep imprint on his life and became the impetus for the development of this place. Then, on 20 August 1990, the inhabitants and guests of the homestead witnessed the Revelation. Waking up at night, they watched a stream of light coming from the sky and saw the figure of an angel glowing in it. This was the fulfilment of the promise that Povilas had received on the eve of the event when he attended the Mass in the church of Merkinė. It was there that he heard the voice of his guardian angel in his mind for the first time. A message about his spiritual mission and the work that would begin in this place when he came of age also reached Povilas. Eleven years passed. Povilas began to receive spiritual teachings through the channelling of the angels and the Divine Source of Wisdom. This rapidly matured the worldview of Povilas and his spiritual fellows and encouraged them to prepare for the work ahead.

In the spring of 2002, Povilas received his first assignment: to build a three-sided pyramid on the site of the Revelation that took place twelve years earlier. The angels announced that the pyramid would be visited by many people who would experience a close relationship with God through meditation and prayer. This will accelerate the spiritual development of the visitors, and as the soul grows stronger, the body will recover – miracles of healing will occur. The task was completed on time. On August 20, 2002, after a special ritual performed by Povilas, the three-sided pyramid was activated. The news about the healing effects of the pyramid spread extremely quickly. Pilgrims who came to pray and meditate in this place were enveloped, strengthened and healed by the subtle energy field that had been formed during the Revelation. It has grown stronger over time, leading to even more rapid changes in the physical and spiritual health of visitors. Many people have shared positive feedback about the qualities of this place.

In 2008, three crosses were erected which, together with the knoll of Revelation, are a monument to the miracle that took place here – a symbol of the connection between Heaven and Earth. The three crosses welcome and farewell visitors. Together with the belt of birch trees around the pyramid, they also protect the place of the Heavenly Father’s graces and its visitors from external threats. 

In the spring of 2009, Povilas received the message that, in accordance with the Heavenly Father’s will and the plan for the development of this place, the pyramid was to be covered by a 12-metre-high dome by the end of the year. The task was accomplished on time, although it was very challenging. It has required the full support of spiritual fellows, for whom the three-sided pyramid has become a Shrine of the Hearts over time.

On 30 June 2010, the dome was integrated into the energy system of this place. At that time, a celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit was held, and the participants experienced a strong inner elevation, felt and even saw the subtle energy – the light. It became clear that the Supreme One had accepted and blessed the works done by the people. The coming and closeness of the Holy Spirit is an extraordinary grace of God, which characterises holy places.

In autumn 2015, the pavilion of the Archangel Gabriel was opened. Pilgrims experience a state of spiritual illumination here: a flow of divine energy permeates the body and joy fills the heart. Looking at the sculpture of the Archangel Gabriel, people can feel the protection of the guardian angels and, by touching it, experience the closeness of the Heavenly Father.

In the spring of 2018, the sculpture embodied St. Elijah. With his noble posture, he communicates the will of the Heavenly Father to the people of today and shows the direction of spiritual growth. With a gaze of fatherly love and care, he encourages and empowers us to reach spiritual heights in human life.

In 2018, on Christmas Eve, the Archangel Michael visited the place. He touched and animated the sculpture of the Archangel Michael, which was placed next to the dome, with his divine power. Standing in its presence, people can intensely experience the closeness of God, strengthen their personal protection against evil, be freed from the sins that weigh on their hearts, and uplift their souls towards the Heavenly Father.

In the spring of 2020, the paths of the Liberation Hill were formed, and the Beacon of Hope was lit. Climbing the stone stairs, pilgrims symbolically overcome the difficulties of human life, experience relief by touching or looking at the Beacon of Hope. Then, liberated inwardly, can step through the Gate of self-Knowledge into the place of the graces of the Heavenly Father.

In the autumn of 2022, the Heavenly Obelisk was erected and activated, completing the development of this place and energetically connecting it to other world sanctuaries. By meditating beside the obelisk, visitors can take a glimpse into the future and gain a clearer understanding of the direction, priorities and tasks of their personal spiritual mission. This experience will help them to follow the path of spiritual knowing and growth towards the Divine.