A huge dome shines in the forests of Dzukija National Park. There is a triangular pyramid inside the dome. Two unique crosses are located in the pyramid as well. They concentrate and transfer subtle energies of the divine origin to the visitors. Thousands of people visit this unusual setting every year. Being there at the time of prayer and meditation they gain positive energy, regain spiritual balance and are pleased with an improved state of their physical health.

The pyramid was founded in 2002 a few kilometers away from nearby town Merkinė. It was build in the place where Povilas Žėkas together with his family in 1990 August 20th experienced a personal Revelation. At that momentous night residents and guests of the homestead became witnesses of a special event. People were observing the ray of light coming from the sky. There was a figure of divine beauty inside it. However it was not a surprise. On the day before the event a seven-year-old boy Povilas was attending the Church of Merkinė together with the members of his family. Unexpectedly the boy heard a voice in his mind. The voice introduced itself as the Guardian Angel of Povilas and informed that from now on the boy will have the gift of conversation with the divine being. Of course the relatives of the boy didn’t believe it and asked for the proof. The special event was promised to happen very soon. It was fulfilled on the very next night in front of the eyes of amazed family members. The incident strengthened the faith of the witness as well as it transformed the place of the miracle. From then on people can always feel the energy of divine grace at the spot.

Eleven years have passed. Povilas grew up, matured and as his Guardian Angel have promised in childhood, he felt a strong close connection with God. Povilas accepted the spiritual mission assigned to him by God and soon he began receiving a special spiritual teaching, which transformed the live of Povilas and his spiritual friends. Daily routine was filled with joy which was gained together with spiritual knowledge. One more year has passed. Povilas received the first great task: at the scene of Revelation, which took place twelve years ago, he should build a special structure – the Pyramid. Soon after that a lot of people will be coming there. During prayer and meditation they will experience an intimate connection with the Divine and will be rapidly gaining spiritual experience. Along with the spiritual growth visitors will recover physical health – there will be a lot of miracles of healing. Led by a strong faith with the help of a few spiritual friends Povilas made the will of God come true. Thus one bright morning of autumn, 2002, in the village of Česukai the triangular pyramid began to shine.

The news about an unusual building in the woods of Merkinė was spreading instantly. Lots of people were rushing to see the pyramid and to meditate inside it. The reviews about the obvious cases of healing rippled throughout the country. Visitor believed that the healing effect takes place because of the characteristics of the pyramid. Skeptics expressed their opinion as well. They were certain that miraculous healing is the fruit of mere self-suggestion. But in fact the cause of miracles and the source of strength was especially subtle energy field, which has already been present in the area from the moment of Revelation.

There were obvious cases of physical and spiritual healing in the ranks of adult visitors, children and even disabled people who could not come to the pyramid themselves but who asked their relatives to pray for them around the pyramid as well as inside it.

Over time there were more and more cases of miraculous healing. Everyone was impressed by the occurrences of instant healing. There were visitors who could not walk because of severe disabilities. But after a sincere prayer and meditation inside the pyramid they felt they had enough strength to stand up and in front of the eyes of their amazed friends and family members they proved it. Also there were many cases of when chronic pain has disappeared, hormone level in the bloodstream has normalized, blood pressure and heartbeat has got under control, inflammations receded, the condition of various diseases of internal organs got better, etc. But it was not all yet. Visitors of the pyramid attested that there was a boost of quality in their mental and spiritual wellbeing. They felt more energized instantly. Yet even weeks or months after the visit it was easier to perform at home and at work with the help of memories and visualization of the pyramid. Visitors experienced peacefulness of mind and heart for many months, their relationships improved, they were more successful in their daily undertakings. For all of that people were thankful to God. Of course, not every goal was realized immediately. One should be prepared to receive God’s grace. That’s why people should visit the pyramid more than once while experiencing gradual shift in the quality of their life.

Seven years have passed. In the spring of 2009 Povilas received a message from God that it’s time to finish the formation of special place in Česukai. In fact it was previously known by Povilas and his spiritual associates that a great task is ahead, but the message channeled by Povilas was astonishing almost for everyone: a huge dome should rise over the pyramid; the task should be accomplished till the end of autumn. Given the nature and extent of the objective it was really challenging to fulfill the will of God. However Povilas and his assistants were constantly strengthened and inspired by the extraordinary promise of God. The God told us: when you will finally complete the formation of the sacred area in Česukai, the Holy Spirit will descend upon this place. It will touch and transform the heart of every visitor of this holy place. Afterwards the man will feel blessed and protected from evil in his everyday life. Thus he will not wander out of his way in the spiritual journey of this life anymore. The promise was of immense importance. After all, the active presence of the Holy Spirit is an immense grace of God for the place and people who visit it! That’s why by a commission of God in the autumn of 2009 a geodesic dome was erected in Česukai. Like a vault of Heaven it encompassed the pyramid, which was already entitled as the Temple of Hearts by its devoted visitors. A celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit took place at the beginning of June, 2010. Participants of the celebration felt or even saw a spiritual energy (light) of the extreme transparency. Many meditators experienced intense spiritual elevation. It became evident that God accepted and blessed the work of men, which has been already done in Česukai. Hereby the complex of the pyramid, dome and the crosses in Česukai was established completely. The sacred area was dedicated to God the Creator. It is open to members of all beliefs, all religions. Everyone, who comes here with an open heart, can feel the presence of the Divine and can experience a strong, clear response to a sincere prayer.

Thousands of people visit the sacred area in Česukai every year. After the prayer and meditation inside the dome and pyramid visitors feel grateful to God for the miracles of this Life. They understand the causes of unexpected twists and turns of their life better and the burden of hardship becomes lighter. Pilgrims realize the purpose and meaning of their lives and completely refreshed continue their earthly journey feeling the care and help of God always and everywhere.