The glass dome shines in the sun, surrounded by the forests of Dzūkija (the historical region in southern Lithuania). There is a three-sided aluminium pyramid inside the dome as well as two crosses made of a unique alloy that concentrate and transmit subtle energy. For several decades people have been visiting the site of the Pyramid of Merkinė in large numbers, gaining strength and spiritual balance through prayer – meditation and enjoying improved physical health.

The place of spiritual experience was established by Povilas Žėkas with the help and support of like-minded people. Here, at the age of seven, Povilas witnessed a miracle that left a deep mark on his life and had a further influence on the development of this place. Then, on the night of 20 August 1990, the inhabitants and the guests of the homestead observed an extraordinary event. People watched a stream of light coming from the sky and saw the figure of divine beauty. In this way, the guardian angel of Povilas fulfilled the promise he had made to the child and his family during the Mass in the Church of Merkinė on August 19, 1990, by showing them a supernatural sign.  This strengthened the faith of Povilas and his loved ones, and the place of the mystical event was marked by a sign of divine grace.

Eleven years passed. Povilas accepted the spiritual mission given to him by God and began to receive special spiritual teaching. This quickly led to the maturing of his own worldview and the emergence of spiritual like-minded people in his life. Another year passed and Povilas received his first serious assignment: he was to build a pyramid on the site of the Revelation that had taken place twelve years earlier. Povilas believed that this place would become a pilgrimage centre for many people, where they would communicate directly with God through prayer and grow spiritually much faster as a result. As the soul becomes stronger, the body will regain its physical vigour and many miracles of healing will occur. With deep faith, Povilas and his supporters fulfilled God’s will. Thus, on 20 August 2002, a three-sided pyramid was erected in the village of Česukai (district of Varėna).

More and more people from all over Lithuania visited the pyramid. Pilgrims who came to meditate and pray at this God-blessed place were immersed in a field of subtle energy formed during the Revelation. Many visitors experienced spiritual changes and shared testimonies of the healing properties of the place. Another seven years passed.

In the spring of 2009 Povilas received information that the pyramid should be covered by a dome 12.5 metres high. This task of the Divine had to be completed by the end of the autumn. A geodesic dome was erected to cover the three-sided pyramid, which within seven years became the beloved Temple of Hearts.

At the beginning of June 2010 a celebration of the Descent of the Holy Spirit took place in the dome. The participants felt and even saw a spiritual energy of extraordinary subtlety and experienced a strong inner uplift. It became evident that God had accepted and blessed the work of the people. The Descent of the Holy Spirit is an extraordinary grace of God that characterises holy places.

In 2015, the place of the Archangel Gabriel was opened. Pilgrims experience a special state of mind when a flow of divine energy permeates the body and joy fills the heart. Looking at the white Archangel Gabriel, people can feel the protection of the angels and, by touching him, feel the regenerating closeness of the Heavenly Father himself.

The sculpture of the prophet Elijah was erected in the spring of 2018. He proclaims the will of the Heavenly Father for the people of our times, points out the spiritual path and accompanies those who walk on it with fatherly love and care.

On the eve of Christmas 2018, the Archangel Michael paid a visit to this place. With his divine power he touched and brought to life the sculpture of St Michael. By being in his presence, pilgrims can instantly feel the closeness of God, strengthen their defences against evil, free themselves from the sin that weighs down our hearts, and elevate our souls to our Heavenly Father.

In the spring of 2020, the paths of the Hill of Liberation from Sin were opened, and the Light of Hope was illuminated. Climbing the steep stone stairs, the pilgrims overcome difficulties and experience relief as they face the Light of Hope and enter the place of Heavenly Father’s graces through the Gate of Knowledge with an uplifted spirit.

The place of grace of the Heavenly Father is open to people of various beliefs and all religions. Every person who visits this place and opens his heart to God may experience a special state of closeness to God and receive a strong, obvious response to a sincere prayer. Thousands of people from Lithuania and abroad come to the homestead every year. Visitors of the Dome and Pyramid experience a sense of gratitude to the Almighty for the gift of life, they better understand the reasons of the vicissitudes of fate, and the burden of life’s various difficulties becomes lighter. People also experience purpose and meaning in life and, renewed in every respect, decisively continue their earthly journey, always feeling God’s help and protection.